Cavities/Tooth Decay — Diagnosis and Treatment

Caring for your teeth is an ongoing practice and personal commitment. Yet, even when you brush regularly, tooth decay can happen. While it may be distressing to think about and experience, you do have options when it comes to treatments. Tooth decay, known also as cavities or caries, is one of the top dental health [...]

Cavities/Tooth Decay — Diagnosis and Treatment2021-07-22T17:51:15+00:00

Using CEREC Crowns to Fix Damaged or Missing Teeth

You see your dentist regularly for a checkup and cleaning. Maybe you’ve had a cavity filled, or maybe several. That kind of dental work is commonplace. But when your childhood fillings begin to deteriorate, or you bite into that delicious Brazil nut and chip off a bit of your front tooth, a filling won’t solve [...]

Using CEREC Crowns to Fix Damaged or Missing Teeth2021-04-30T20:33:21+00:00
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