5 Dental Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Mouth Healthy in 2022

January 17th, 2022|Tags: , |

A new year provides the chance to make new goals for taking care of your health, including beneficial dental hygiene to keep teeth and gums at their optimal best. To help you start out the year with this in mind, here are five dental hygiene tips to keep your mouth healthy in 2022. While these tips aren’t new, they are simple, and once they become a habit, you’ll have no trouble sharing that confident smile over and over again. 1. [...]

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting CEREC Crowns

January 3rd, 2022|Tags: , |

Feeling confident not only in your smile but the capacity of your teeth to handle everyday food and drink is imperative to daily life. Sometimes, however, your natural teeth need help and can lead to the need for various dental treatments, including crowns. Dental crowns provide a solution for several issues, including to repair a cracked or broken tooth, stabilize a weakened tooth, protect a damaged tooth, or reinforce a tooth requiring a root canal. With advancements in technology today, [...]

All About Tooth Enamel: The Hardest Substance in the Human Body

December 15th, 2021|Tags: |

While a great smile involves your teeth looking their best, it’s the health of those teeth that make all the difference. You can thank the tooth’s tough outer layer, the enamel, for its natural protection, serving as the first line of defense to everyday dangers that threaten. Not only is tooth enamel tough, but it is the hardest substance in the human body. That’s right, harder than your bones or any other bodily tissue. Understanding what tooth enamel is and [...]

What Are the White Spots on My Teeth?

December 1st, 2021|Tags: |

A smile is one of the first things people notice about you. While whiter teeth can make that smile stand out, extreme white spots can be concerning. What then are these white spots, and how can you get rid of them? White spots on teeth can be the result of several different factors and can show up at any age, from childhood to your senior years. Determining the cause behind them may take time, but once identified, you can take [...]

Tooth Erosion and Acid Reflux

November 15th, 2021|Tags: |

With so many people experiencing acid reflux today, it’s no wonder diets are changing and more medications are showing up on shelves. While much attention focuses on the effects to the esophagus itself, acid reflux can also cause increasing damage to your dental health in the form of tooth erosion. The loss of tooth enamel, or erosion resulting from acid reflux, can lead to various problems, including cavities. Knowing what can happen and how to protect against it will take [...]

Why Are Brown Spots Appearing Between My Teeth?

November 1st, 2021|Tags: |

A smile is one of your biggest assets. It can not only dazzle others but also boost your own self-confidence. One of the last things you want to show, then, are brown spots taking up space between your teeth.   Your teeth getting brown spots be the result of several issues, some simple and others a little more complicated. It’s essential to discover the source of such dental discoloration and determine how to deal with it sooner rather than later.   What [...]

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