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What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is an affordable and effective dental treatment to address a number of oral health issues, including decayed teeth, a chipped or fractured tooth, or even a discolored tooth. In most cases, bonding can be completed in one visit, making it highly convenient for our busy patients.

When Does Stiles Dental Care Choose to Use Dental Bonding?

Tooth bonding is a simple treatment, and of all dental procedures, it is easily among the most accessible and affordable for our patients. We may elect to use dental bonding to help repair chips in your natural teeth. We could also recommend bonding to cover a discolored tooth — and particularly as an alternative to the discoloration that can occur from a metal amalgam filling. This is especially important in teeth that normally show when smiling. Bonding is also a common solution to fill gaps between teeth without undergoing Invisalign or other orthodontic treatments. We may also use bonding in cases of reshaping teeth or giving you a quick and easy color boost.

No matter what the case will be, we will always involve you in the decision. We want to make sure that you understand all of your options when it comes to your dental treatment plan, and we vow not to make a decision without your express approval. There are pros and cons to nearly every procedure. It just comes down to pinpointing which procedures would improve your smile, health, and quality of life.

What Can Patients Expect When Undergoing This Treatment?

Dental bonding is a completely comfortable dental treatment. We will only use anesthesia if the bonding is being used to treat a decayed tooth and the tooth is sensitive. Your comfort is our utmost priority, and we will take care to ensure that you remain happy and relaxed throughout the entire treatment.

There is no special or particular preparation that is required for you to complete ahead of your dental bonding procedure. Once you are in the chair, we will select the shade of composite resin that represents the closest match of your natural tooth color. That way, the bonding treatment will look as natural as possible. Don’t be surprised if some of your loved ones can’t even tell the difference between your dental bonding and the surrounding teeth in your smile.

After we have picked the perfect color for the job, we will gently etch the surface of the tooth that requires the bonding so that the material sticks better. Once your tooth is ready, we will apply a special wash, and then the resin. You can expect a putty-like texture. We will work to shape and smooth it until it is in its proper form on your tooth. Then, we will harden it using a special light.

Once hardened, we will still work to ensure the resin is exactly the right shape to fit in seamlessly with your smile. We will shape the tooth, trim the material, and polish it until you can’t tell the difference between it and its neighbor.

All in all, bonding is a quick and virtually painless procedure. For a single tooth, you can expect an appointment no more than an hour long. For multiple teeth that will undergo dental bonding, additional appointments may be required.

How Should Teeth with Dental Bonding Be Cared for After the Treatment?

Though dental bonding is an excellent option for your health, it isn’t a forever fix. The material is not as strong as your natural tooth, meaning that you will have to eventually get it repaired after several years of average use. If you tend to chew on ice chips, bite your nails, or bite on the end of your pen while at work or school, you may require repairs even sooner than normal.

Also, as the resin used in dental bonding tends to stain, we will recommend that you forgo beverages like red wine, coffee, tea, and soda for a short period of time. Afterward, you can indulge in moderation — just like you might with your regular teeth. The most important thing to remember is to regularly brush and floss your teeth, rinsing after meals when you cannot brush immediately.

If you notice any chips, sharp edges, or odd feelings when you bite using your bonded teeth, it’s important to make an appointment to get them checked out. Remember, it is natural and expected for there to be some wear and tear to your bonded teeth, particularly if you love crunchy foods or regularly expect significant and intensive chewing from your teeth.

If you have more questions about dental bonding, we’re happy to get them answered. Give the office a call at 609-654-0033.

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