Project Description

Look and feel great with a perfect smile

Get that perfect smile that makes you look and feel great with a “Dental Makeover” from Stiles Dental Care in Medford NJ.

Have you ever wondered what you might look like with your teeth straightened, or lighter, or some other cosmetic dental improvement? Well, now you can. We offer computerized cosmetic imaging. We discuss what you want changed, and we can create before and after photos to show you how it would look in the end.

Amazing! One look at these pictures tells what a hundred explanations cannot. And, after seeing them, you can be sure that this dentist’s plan gives results.

The best thing patients like about Smile-Vision was that the pictures can be viewed in the convenience of your home. You are able to take time, talk about it with your family and close friends, and reach a decision without feeling hurried or pressured in any way. When you do decide on a treatment solution, your family will be as excited as you are about the new, younger look you will be about to achieve!