Which Dental Procedures Does Insurance Typically Cover?

Typically, most dental insurance covers two preventive visits to the dentist’s office every year. Depending on the policy, you might also receive help in covering the costs of the care and treatments you receive during preventive visits, as well as fillings, crowns, root canals, and procedures such as tooth extractions. Some plans may even cover getting braces or treating gum disease, or dentures and bridges to replace missing teeth and improve the quality of your life.

Other plans might cover a portion of the treatment. That means you will be responsible for paying for the rest of the amount. You may be responsible for the full amount of treatment if a deductible applies to your plan. Likewise, you may be responsible for the full amount if you reach a maximum amount, as determined by your plan.

However, every plan is different, and the needs for every patient who comes into a dentist’s office like Stiles Dental Care are different, too. Coverages are often determined on a case by case basis, so it is in your best interest to let the professionals help you figure out what you will owe for your dental treatments.

How Can You Find Out What Your Coverages Are?

You can always call your insurance provider for insights on what is covered and what is not covered at the dentist’s office. They will be able to tell you exactly what each treatment option costs, usually right down to the penny.

However, the team at Stiles Dental Care is also here for you to help you navigate your insurance plans when it comes to your oral health. At your first appointment, we will reach out to your insurance company to determine what your plan covers. We will use this to help determine the course of your treatment plan, keeping you up to date on every single choice and decision to make. It is important for us to keep you informed and an active participant in your own oral health.

What Payment Options Are Available?

When you come in for your first appointment at Stiles Dental Care, we will determine whether your insurance plan is among those the office accepts. We will make sure you understand your costs after coverage. We offer a number of financing options that go beyond your insurance coverage.

Curious about what your insurance covers? The Stiles Dental Care team is here to get your questions answered. Call us at 609-654-0033.

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