How Can I Tell If My Dental Crown is Infected?

May 12th, 2022|Tags: , , |

When it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth and smile, dental crowns can play a crucial role. This role may be to improve the functioning of a natural tooth or to help create a more even smile. While a safe and popular choice, there is still the possibility of developing an infection if your dental crown becomes damaged in any way as you go about your daily routine. Knowing the signs to look for when such an infection occurs can [...]

How Accurate is An Oral Cancer Screening?

April 18th, 2022|Tags: , |

When it comes to oral cancer, the earlier the detection, the better the chances for implementing the right treatment for success. To help with this, patients need to undergo oral cancer screenings as part of their overall health plan to ensure any signs or symptoms are identified early on. Fortunately, most regularly scheduled dental appointments already include this type of screening for patients today. Your dentist not only focuses on your dental health and helps to create a brighter smile [...]

What is the Best Mouthwash for Gum Disease?

April 4th, 2022|Tags: , |

When it comes to your at-home practices for maintaining good oral hygiene, you want to use the best products possible to ensure a healthy mouth and radiant smile. One such product is a specialized mouthwash, particularly one designed to help treat, manage, and prevent gum disease. While there are many mouthwashes available in the marketplace today, not all of them are safe or beneficial for this purpose. It’s essential, then, to know what to look for so you can choose [...]

3 Ways Gum Disease Damages Your Health (And What to Do About It)

March 21st, 2022|Tags: , |

Practicing good oral hygiene daily is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and a confident smile. It can also protect your health in other valuable ways as well. Without it, however, gum disease can occur, and this can lead to several internal health issues throughout the body. Today, in the United States alone, approximately 50% of adults show signs of developing gum disease. While it continues to be the leading cause of tooth loss, if left undetected or untreated, gum [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach Whether You’re Brushing Your Teeth or Whitening Them

March 7th, 2022|Tags: , , |

When it comes to your smile, finding ways to make it shine can boost confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your appearance. A popular way to achieve that brighter smile is by whitening any discolored or stained teeth that stand out. How you go about that whitening, however, is crucial not just to achieving the results you want but in protecting your teeth and gums. Teeth whitening options abound these days, from over-the-counter whitening toothpastes, strips, and kits [...]

What Is the Difference Between Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry?

February 14th, 2022|Tags: |

Today you have choices when it comes to maintaining your dental health and creating a healthy, confident smile. While preventive dental care is essential to helping you achieve these, at times, you may need to consider additional services, such as restorative or cosmetic dentistry as well. Before this happens, however, it’s beneficial to understand the difference between these two types of dentistry and what they can offer. While they do share a few things in common, such as the restoration [...]

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