Tooth Pain: Is This a Dental Emergency?

When you experience tooth pain or oral discomfort in general, your first thought may be: “time to go to the dentist!” Oftentimes, this is immediately followed with a second thought like, “but is this really a dental emergency?” No one wants to go to the dentist more often than to attend their scheduled appointments. It’s [...]

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Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

You may have seen commercials for clear plastic aligners used to quickly, easily, and discreetly correct crooked teeth and straighten smiles. Invisalign can be a good solution in certain situations to help realign a patient’s bite or make a smile more aesthetically pleasing.   Aesthetics is only one of the reasons why someone might choose [...]

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Benefits of Invisalign

When some people discover that they are in need of orthodontic work, they may dread the thought of resigning themselves to having a mouth full of metal for a year or two while their smile gets itself in order.   However, medical advancements in the field of orthodontics have opened up options when it comes [...]

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COVID-19 Information

Thank you for making Stiles Dental Care your dental health care provider. In these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 and unprecedented actions taken by governments, public and private institutions, and businesses around the world, we want to assure you that the well-being of our patients and our staff is our top priority. As [...]

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WE’VE ALL HEARD over and over how smoking can adversely impact health, with the most infamous example being lung cancer. But smoking doesn’t only harm the lungs; it damages every single system in the body, and it also damages oral health. Smoking Increases the Risk of Oral Cancer Like we said before, lung cancer [...]

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WHAT COMES TO MIND when you hear the word “sugar”? Probably your favorite type of candy or dessert, maybe your favorite soda. You probably didn’t picture barbecue sauce, granola bars, flavored yogurt, or fruit juice, but all of these and plenty more foods you wouldn’t suspect are loaded with sugar. That isn’t great news [...]

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Animal Teeth Olympics

TEETH ARE OUR PASSION, and while we spend most of our time focusing on human teeth, sometimes it’s fun to take a look at the truly amazing teeth of the animal kingdom. So today we’re going to hold the olympics of animal teeth, to see which critters win the gold for biggest, strongest, hardest, [...]

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Teeth-Friendly Halloween Treats

HALLOWEEN IS A TON OF fun every year, and it’s right around the corner! We love the costumes, the decorations, and the local events, but we’re a little wary of all that candy. Sugar isn’t just tasty to us; the harmful bacteria in our mouths love it. If you want to make Halloween a [...]

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Gum Recession: Minimizing Your Risks

THE EXPRESSION “getting long in the tooth” refers to gum recession, but this oral health problem isn’t necessarily connected to age. Gum recession is when the edge of the gingival tissue moves away from the crown of the tooth, exposing the root. The reason we tend to think of it as an age-related problem is that [...]

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