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Cavities/Tooth Decay — Diagnosis and Treatment

Caring for your teeth is an ongoing practice and personal commitment. Yet, even when you brush regularly, tooth decay can happen. While it may be distressing to think about and experience, you do have options when it comes to treatments. Tooth decay, known also as cavities or caries, is one of the top dental health [...]

Cavities/Tooth Decay — Diagnosis and Treatment2021-07-22T17:51:15+00:00

What Are the Benefits of Going to a Family Dentistry Practice?

If you’re looking for a new dental practice for you and your family, you likely have many questions and concerns. You want to find a practice that accepts your insurance, has a great reputation, and that gives you the care you need. That may sound like a tall order. You may even consider going to [...]

What Are the Benefits of Going to a Family Dentistry Practice?2021-04-30T20:35:35+00:00

Communication During COVID-19 Social Distancing 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life around the world. That doesn’t mean that life has ground to a halt. The Stiles Dental Team, our patients, and our community are still finding ways to communicate and stay connected — even while practicing social distancing to keep one another safe and well. How have operations at Stiles [...]

Communication During COVID-19 Social Distancing 2020-06-10T18:22:28+00:00

Sterilization Procedures in a Dental Office

Now more than ever, it is important to practice excellent hygiene to avoid both COVID-19 and other bugs. As you practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, and other precautions, we are ensuring that our tools, equipment, and office stay in excellent shape for our patients. The Stiles Dental Care team is proud to follow strict [...]

Sterilization Procedures in a Dental Office2020-06-10T18:22:48+00:00

10 Tips for a Healthier Smile

A healthy mouth both looks and feels terrific. With a fresh feeling, no pain or discomfort, and a clean bill of oral health, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. To achieve your maximum #mouthgoals, it takes some effort, but every step is worth your while. You’ll be pleased with yourself for taking [...]

10 Tips for a Healthier Smile2020-11-09T19:22:35+00:00
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