Putting off going to the dentist? You are not alone in wanting to avoid making an appointment, but there is no reason to dread seeing us at Stiles Dental Care in Medford, New Jersey. Our experienced staff is here to take care of your dental needs, and once you are here, you become like family. With our advanced training from The Dawson Academy, you can trust us with your smile.

Feeling Fine? Not So Fast…

Some people decide not to visit the dentist because they are feeling fine, no problems to speak of. This may not actually be the case, as your own assessment of your oral health may be inaccurate, and when issues are left to fester, they only get worse. We are certainly glad you don’t believe you have any dental issues, but it takes a professional like Dr. Stiles to get to the root of any oral problem. And if you are experiencing trouble, pretending nothing is wrong is a bad idea…you know that already. So please don’t delay – time is precious when your health is concerned. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away, so confront it and seek care.

No Worries With Us

We promise you that your checkup won’t be scary or uncomfortable. Our tender touch paired with today’s modern, state-of-the-art technology makes for a smooth and sophisticated checkup that you will soon realize is not nearly as bad as you thought it would be. In fact, you will be so glad you came in to care for your oral health. We provide a relaxing atmosphere that is welcoming and warm. We take great pride in the hygienic aspects of our facilities as well. 

Checkups Are Important

We recommend you come in twice yearly for general checkups. Yes, every year. During this in-depth appointment, we will clean and polish your teeth (who doesn’t love those “pearly whites?”), floss between them, and check out your entire mouth…even under your tongue. We look for cavities and any other problems with your teeth like decay, cracks, chips, or staining, signs of gum disease or infection, and we perform an oral cancer check. We will see if you have any loose or missing teeth, signs of shifting, or if your alignment is off. We will ask you about any issues you may be facing, such as tooth, gum, or jaw pain (including TMJ), if you are experiencing trouble speaking, chewing, or swallowing, etc. Expect x-rays as well — as minimally invasive as possible. We’re always ready to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns. Our thorough dental checkup routine leaves no stone unturned, so you will leave here with the peace of mind that your oral health is up to date. Confidence in us means you can check another item off your list. We know you are busy, but this is time well spent. 

See Us Again

Remember, once you have been through your first visit of the year, we will expect to see you again some months down the road. Even if you believe nothing has changed since your last dental appointment, we encourage you to visit again so we can confirm this for you. For all you know, signs of a cavity forming could be brewing, for instance, and although you may not have felt pain yet, we can see the signs early with our advanced dental tools and expertise. With a proactive approach to dentistry, you will avoid complications that can be eliminated at the very first sign. This is why our twice-yearly recommendation is so important. 365 days is a long time.

Your Entire Body Benefits

Remember, good oral health is linked to an overall healthy body. Gum disease can lead to other illnesses, such as heart disease, that stem from oral infections. Prevent them so you can be in better health from top to bottom. We at Stiles Dental Care believe in a holistic approach to wellness, and truly care for every patient who walks through our door. With twice-yearly visits to our office, you are doing something smart for your entire system. Thanks to us (and your cooperation), it all starts with a stellar smile. You’re probably smiling already!

Book Your Appointment 

Are you due for an appointment with us? We are open Monday through Friday. Contact us so we can schedule you in. You can give us a call at 609-654-0033 or email us at medfordsmiles@gmail.com. For even more convenience, you can fill out this quick online form right from your computer. One of our friendly front desk office team members will get back with you to schedule your checkup appointment ASAP. We look forward to seeing you at Stiles. Beautiful, bright smiles are our passion. Healthy, happy patients make what we do so rewarding.