Caring for your gums is an essential part of smart overall oral health. When it comes to proactive protection, a deep and direct gum treatment means less chance of gum disease developing. Brushing, flossing, eating right, and committing to regular dental checkups puts you on the path to a positive future in terms of oral health, but there is always more you can do to take the process to the next level.

PerioProtect Is An Approach Worth Learning About

PerioProtect is an innovative method that delivers treatment deep down to the areas beneath the gumline that brushing and flossing just can’t get to. Even special rinses designed for deep oral cleaning cannot match PerioProtect’s power. These specialty trays make oral care streamlined and convenient, helping patients put off surgery (or help make other treatments more tolerable) as they heal their gum disease with ease.

Using the PerioProtect trays at home is a relief for gum disease sufferers who have been back and forth to the dental office with pain, pressure, and perhaps infection that has already set in. If left untreated, gum disease can fester, leading to long-term issues that could require surgery. Since PerioProtect gets treatment deep into the periodontal pockets, the approach is direct and does wonders. Gum disease is drastically diminished, leaving many patients with a new take on life as they can finally put their gum issues to rest. They will only wish they had started the treatment sooner. 

Easy To Use At Home

PerioProtect is a set of clear and comfortable trays personalized to fit the individual’s mouth. These patented trays are designed for every patient on a case-by-case basis, meticulously molded into shape at the PerioProtect lab. Medication is placed onto the trays, and while they are worn, the treatment seeps below the gumline into the periodontal pockets. Bacteria is killed off so infection won’t develop. In just a brief 10-15 minutes a day, this remarkable gum care system reduces or eliminates the need for scaling and root planing (deep cleaning below the gumline) procedures in the dentist’s chair. Using the PerioProtect system may prevent any bacteria from coming back, eliminating future infection. 

A Major Impact On The Entire Body

Gum care has an impact on overall health. When bacteria enters the bloodstream, it can affect the entire body, potentially leading to major health issues including heart and respiratory disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. Not to mention the other welcome benefits of using a gum care product such as PerioProtect – whiter teeth and fresher breath. The antimicrobials used in the system deliver this special added bonus…no one’s complaining about that! Consider it a perk worth smiling about. 

PerioProtect Is Offered At Stiles Dental Care

Here at Stiles Dental Care, we are proud to offer PerioProtect to our patients who qualify. If this type of treatment will benefit your gum health, we can discuss the option during your next appointment. Since each set of trays is personally customized, we would have you back into the office to take impressions of your mouth so the product can be produced at the lab. We will explain how to properly wear the PerioProtect trays, for how long each day and overall through the course of the treatment, and any other necessary steps you should take to ensure they are being used most efficiently. We can also discuss other gum care treatment options that can be performed in conjunction with your PerioProtect plan. 

Effective Elimination

The raved-about results from PerioProtect have proven quite effective, with a 75% reduction in bleeding of the gums for those who have used the trays. They are super comfortable to wear as directed and lessen the chances of requiring invasive treatments when gum disease deserves attention. While wearing these trays may not mean other forms of care won’t be necessary now or down the road, the level of severity makes a huge difference, and PerioProtect is designed to lessen the load. Of course, sticking to your regular routine of brushing and flossing is part of the program, but PerioProtect is a strong force against bacteria that goes well below the surface. A dramatic difference is to be expected, and something to be excited about. 

Learn More About PerioProtect To Improve Your Gum Health

For more information about the PerioProtect treatment trays and gum health in general, let’s chat during your next dental appointment at Stiles Dental Care. Please give us a call at 609-541-2562 or email us at to book your appointment as soon as possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable front office staff is ready to assist you. We are open from Monday – Friday and we are conveniently located on North Main Street in Medford, NJ. We look forward to getting your gum health in check, and PerioProtect is a proven path with a positive outcome. It’s a gum health game-changer.