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How to Protect Your Gums

Caring for your gums is an essential part of smart overall oral health. When it comes to proactive protection, a deep and direct gum treatment means less chance of gum disease developing. Brushing, flossing, eating right, and committing to regular dental checkups puts you on the path to a positive future in terms of [...]

How to Protect Your Gums2020-01-29T22:45:44+00:00

Periodontal Care & Your Overall Health

Regular dental care is so important for maintaining a healthy (and happy!) mouth. Your periodontal hygiene is linked not only to your teeth and gums (and other areas of the mouth), but your entire body. According to Everyday Health, “Research has linked oral health problems such as periodontal or gum disease to many health conditions, [...]

Periodontal Care & Your Overall Health2020-01-29T22:45:19+00:00

Teeth-Friendly Halloween Treats

HALLOWEEN IS A TON OF fun every year, and it’s right around the corner! We love the costumes, the decorations, and the local events, but we’re a little wary of all that candy. Sugar isn’t just tasty to us; the harmful bacteria in our mouths love it. If you want to make Halloween a [...]

Teeth-Friendly Halloween Treats2019-11-07T19:00:25+00:00

Gum Recession: Minimizing Your Risks

THE EXPRESSION “getting long in the tooth” refers to gum recession, but this oral health problem isn’t necessarily connected to age. Gum recession is when the edge of the gingival tissue moves away from the crown of the tooth, exposing the root. The reason we tend to think of it as an age-related problem is that [...]

Gum Recession: Minimizing Your Risks2019-11-07T18:57:05+00:00

How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency

EMERGENCIES ARE SO MUCH easier to deal with if we’ve prepared for them in advance, and that includes dental emergencies. You might be wondering what you can do to prepare for something like an unexpected tooth injury or dental health issue. It’s true that a dental emergency isn’t quite the same as a food [...]

How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency2019-11-07T18:57:13+00:00

What Kind of Toothbrush is Right for You?

THE TOOTHBRUSH HAS CHANGED a lot over the last century, and we consider ourselves very lucky that we don’t have to use animal hair as bristles. However, there are now so many different toothbrush options to choose from that it can be a little intimidating trying to find the perfect one. Bristle Firmness Conventional [...]

What Kind of Toothbrush is Right for You?2019-11-07T18:57:22+00:00

Charcoal Toothpaste: Science vs. Fads

IF GIVEN THE CHANCE to change something about their smiles, most people would choose to have whiter teeth, and quite a few are willing to try just about anything for it, including something as counterintuitive as scrubbing them with toothpaste made of charcoal. The History of Charcoal as a Remedy The activated charcoal-based dental [...]

Charcoal Toothpaste: Science vs. Fads2019-11-07T18:57:34+00:00